Sensei Joseph Nelson Remembered

Sensei Joseph Nelson

Sensei Joe Nelson passed away on Tuesday August 9th, 2011. Although he had battled leukemia for a few years, he had been a cheerful and courageous soul in our midst. We are truly blessed and grateful to have had such a man as a friend and teacher.

A memorial was held on September 30th, 2011 at the Faculty Club - University of Alberta, Edmonton. The gathering was attended by many of Joe's family, friends, colleagues and many current and past members of the AKF. A true tribute to his time spent on this earth amongst us.

Read the message from Sensei Ken Wasserman: "Remembering Sensei Nelson - on behalf of all the Sensei's and Karateka of his Dojo and AKF".

Click on the link below to read more about Sensei Joe.

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Joe's Dojo

As a tribute to Sensei Nelson, Sensei Rempel decided to build a dojo in Joe's name in his family's Houston backyard. Sensei Rempel and his family have since moved out of that house, but his message and some information about the dojo-building project is below:

Sensei Rempel's Message - Joe's Dojo - In honor of Sensei Joe Nelson

This fall, "Joe's Dojo" will be constructed in our backyard. Sue came up with the name, and we began the project as a living legacy of Joe. After taking five tons of earth out of a raised garden in the back we will install the posting and a floating hardwood floor. Over the top will be a detachable shade sail, large enough to cover the floor. The floor itself will have a tarp cover for the heat and the odd tropical complete message

Follow the construction progress below...


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