The safety of our black belts and students is always our number one priority. Yes, karate is a contact sport, but the incidence of injury in our clubs is virtually zero (minus the occasional scrape or bruise). If an emergency were to occur, all AKF clubs have instructors that are certified in first aid and CPR training. 

We welcome students of all levels of martial arts experience, and karate is an excellent way to improve your health and overall fitness. Our classes include vigorous workouts, but your instructor will demonstrate versions of exercises to account for your ability. Do your best and you will get stronger!

Light and comfortable workout wear is best. T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt; sweatpants, yoga pants, or gym shorts. Students may order a gi (karate uniform) from their head instructor, but it’s not a requirement for training in our dojos. For safety reasons, please remove any jewelry: rings, piercings, wristwatches, etc.

Students can order kumite (sparring) gloves and a gi (karate uniform) from their head instructor. For other training accessories, like re-breakable boards and striking pads, your head instructor can direct you to a local or online martial arts vendor.

No. All new students to the AKF will be required to start as beginners. However, you may wear your gi (uniform) if it’s white and doesn’t have any markings or patches. Your head instructor will assess your progress and discuss your belt level with you moving forward.