Welcome New Senseis!

Welcome new Senseis!!!!

We had an invigorating all-level clinic last Saturday that included the grading of three well deserved Shodan-ho (Brown Stripe Belt) students to Shodan (Black Belt). We are very excited to have these new instructors join us on the floor to lead our students with us. Welcome Matthaus, Cate and Zach!

Congratulations to all students who joined us at the clinic – from White Belts to Black Belts – from Little Dragons to Adults. We had a great time and really have fun stories to tell. 

We also unveiled our AKF Documentary featuring Sensei Rempel in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Students and instructors alike got to learn about the lineage and history of the AKF. 

Thank you, students, instructors, family and friends who joined us for this epic day!