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Why You Should Learn Karate

There are many reasons why you might want to learn Karate. For most, Karate is seen as a journey. For some, the journey is short; maybe their goal is to acquire their Black Belt or to learn some self defense skills. For others, the journey lasts a lifetime and becomes a journey of self-discovery, more than simply the pursuit of a martial art. Regardless of your journey Karate encourages you to challenge yourself, promotes self discovery, and builds confidence, discipline, dedication, motivation and strength of character. Karate engages the physical: Karate is as good as time at the gym. However, Karate also engages the mind; therefore, Karate is more than just time at the gym. Karate involves all kinds of learning including today’s most in-demand skills like critical thinking, problem solving and strategic thinking. But, Karate goes beyond just the Body and the Mind. Karate also engages the spirit. Karate is more than just Active Learning: Karate engages the emotions and ones belief in oneself.

In today’s world of countless choices of fighting arts, styles and clubs; how do you choose a place to learn and train? First and foremost, choose an Instructor. No matter what the art or style, choose first the Instructor. If you want your child to learn traditional martial art concepts such as self confidence and self discipline; this takes time. These qualities are not developed in one class so patience is required. Look for that patience in the instructor and the program. Look for a club that teaches the skills of today: skills such as Leadership and what that entails. Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, team participation and team building are all important skills in today’s world.

Using time honored Karate skills such as punching, blocking, kicking, Kata (Forms), Kumite (Sparring), Weapons, Breaking and Self-Defense, students of the AKF will learn all of the above. Students study offense/defense, body-shifting (tai sabaki) and how to understand & maximize power, speed and focus. Through solid physical conditioning, diligent effort and consistent application, students will develop the whole person: Body, Mind and Spirit.